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Closing the SDG Financing gap – the UNSDG Joint Fund for Agenda 2030

Article | 08 July 2020
Financial flows do not always reach the geographic areas and people that need them the most. The UN Joint SDG Fund aims to close the financing gap to achieve the (Sustainable  Development Goals (SDGs) in developing countries through catalytic action by the UN system.

The UN’s Joint SDG Fund has announced a historical US$ 60 million grant to close the SDG financing gap, distributed to 62 countries, with funding being distributed across all continents.

This initiative is all the more important in the context of the COVID-19 induced economic crisis, which will have a major negative impact on efforts to achieve the SDGs around the world.

Together with other UN-partners, the ILO will support countries with integrating the SDGs across national public financial systems in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bangladesh, Cabo Verde, Egypt and Namibia. All projects are highly relevant in the context of the COVID-19 crisis: from addressing reduced fiscal space to aligning with the SDGs amidst COVID-19 recovery and financial planning to co-creating a new generation of risk-sensitive and responsive Integrated National Financing Frameworks.