Austria - ILO Cooperation

Austria has been a member State of the ILO from 1919 -1938 and since 1947. Austria has ratified 54 Conventions and 1 Protocol, including eight Fundamental and three Governance Conventions.

Austria's strategic contributions to the ILO

Assessed contributions to ILO's Regular Budget, paid by all ILO Member States by virtue of their membership. For 2020-2021, Austria’s contribution will total US$ 8.0 million.

Voluntary, non-core funding contributions earmarked for specific themes or projects. In 2020, Austria contributed more than US$2.1 million

Through the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), Austria currently supports an ILO programme in Ethiopia to promote gender equality and women’s economic empowerment in the garment and textile industry in the country.

Austria's priorities for development cooperation

The Three-Year Programme of Austrian Development Policy 2019-2021, prioritizes poverty reduction in Least Development Countries (LDCs), emphasizing projects in Africa and South-East Europe as well as the South Caucasus focused on sustainable economic development as well as peace and security, stability and reconstruction and capacity building in crisis regions and fragile states.

Geographic priorities:
Albania, Armenia, Bhutan, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Georgia, Kosovo, Moldova, Mozambique, the occupied Palestinian territory and Uganda

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