Mobilizing Support for the Call for Action on the Youth Employment Crisis

Background paper submitted to the Meeting of ILO Development Partners on the Youth Employment Crisis, 22 February 2013

Meeting document | 27 February 2013
One of the priorities of the Follow-up Plan on the Call to Action is the mobilization of extra-budgetary resources to meet the increased requests for assistance and capacity building from ILO constituents in all regions, and to fully implement the cutting-edge research and tools highlighted in the Conference resolution. For this purpose, the ILO organized a meeting of ILO development partners on 22 February 2013 to mobilize support for the Call for Action on the youth employment crisis. The proposed technical cooperation portfolio is summarized in the last Section of this document, while a second document entitled “The Call for Action on the Youth Employment Crisis: Technical Cooperation Portfolio” describes the global, regional and national technical cooperation projects that are proposed to support the implementation of the Call for Action. These proposals were developed through an Office-wide collaboration that involved ILO staff at headquarters and in the Regional Offices, Decent Work Teams and Country Offices.