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  1. NEPAL: Migration of Working Children in Nepal (1995-96)

    01 December 1997

    A report on the study on “Migration of Working Children” in Nepal done using the Migration and Employment Survey, 1996.

  2. Update Sialkot - Issue 1

    27 October 1997

  3. NEPAL: Child Labour Situation in Nepal (Report From Migration and Employment Survey, 1995/96)

    16 September 1997

    A report on the child labour situation in Nepal in 1995-96. The study was carried out as a sub-set of a larger study on the migration and employment situation in Nepal.

  4. Flyer on Combating Child Labour in Pakistan

    08 September 1997

    A part of the IPEC Pakistan information kit.

  5. Combating child labour in Pakistan - 1997

    12 March 1997

    A part of the IPEC Pakistan information kit.

  6. Social security for the informal sector: Investigating the feasibility of pilot projects in Benin, India, El Salvador and Tanzania

    01 January 1997


  1. Combating Child Labour IPEC Action Programmes 1996

    21 October 1996

    A part of the IPEC Pakistan information kit.

  2. Pakistan: Summary results of child labour survey in Pakistan (1996)

    09 October 1996

    Summary of findings of a child labour survey conducted in Pakistan by the Federal Bureau of Statistics, in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour, Manpower and Overseas Pakistanis and the ILO in 1996.


  1. "We evaluate...": INDISCO partner indigenous and tribal communities evaluate their own development projects in India and the Philippines

    12 December 1995

    We evaluate... is a collection of self-evaluation reports from INDISCO pilot projects in India and the Philippines. They reflect the feelings of indigenous and tribal groups, their aspirations and their voice in their own development.

  2. IPEC Newsletter - 1995

    20 November 1995

    A part of the IPEC Pakistan information kit.