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  1. INDIA: A Decade of ILO-India Partnerships: Towards a Future without Child Labour- (1992: 2002)

    01 July 2004

    A publication highlighting the joint efforts of the ILO and its constituents to combat child labour in India.

  2. Partnerships for childcare

    25 May 2004

  3. Combined Evaluation of ILO/IPEC garment sector projects as part of the “Memorandum of Understanding” framework with the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association- Final Project Evaluation (2004)

    01 April 2004

    This study is both a final evaluation of each of these three projects and a programme evaluation of the whole ILO/IPEC BGMEA intervention.

  4. India state of Orissa: Integrated rural accessibility planning - Gram Panchayat level

    01 January 2004

    Comprises step-by-step instructions on how to apply different rural planning tools at local level.

  5. NEPAL: HIV & AIDS and Working Children in Nepal (2004)

    01 January 2004

    A report on the link between HIV & AIDS and child labour in Nepal.


  1. BANGLADESH:Report on the working children in metropolitan cities of Bangladesh (Establishment based child labour survey) (2002-03)

    16 December 2003

    A report on the working children in metropolitan cities in Bangladesh based on the findings of the Establishment-based Child Labour Survey (ECLS) 2002-03 conducted by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics.

  2. BANGLADESH: Baseline Survey on Child Labour in Welding Establishments (2002-03)

    15 November 2003

    A baseline Survey on child workers in welding establishments to estimate the incidence and distribution of this target group at the national level.

  3. The Welfare Fund for Construction Workers in Tamil Nadu

    06 November 2003

    Although there are some social security schemes of national application in India, such as the Employees Provident Fund Scheme, they focus on the organized sector, whereas there is a need for a national social security policy. Some states, however, have given greater priority to social security through the establishment of non-contributory social assistance schemes, and the national government has in recent years tried to reinforce these efforts through the National Social Assistance programme. Some states such as Tamil Nadu and Kerala have also given priority to providing social security to unorganized workers through the development of welfare funds based on occupational groups.

  4. Preventing and Eliminating the Worst Forms of Child Labour in Selected Formal and Informal Sectors in Bangladesh- Mid Term Evaluation (2003)

    01 May 2003

    This report is the result of a final evaluation to review the project’s approach, strategy and implementation, to assess the extent to which the project objectives were met and the impact on target groups.


  1. Documentation of ongoing efforts of Indian enterprises in the field of HIV/AIDS

    01 November 2002

    This document is developed to help Indian enterprises to respond to the challenges of HIV/AIDS.

  2. South Asia Subregional Programme to Combat Trafficking in Children for Exploitative Employment (TICSA)- Final Project Evaluation (2002)

    01 July 2002

    The ILO-IPEC South-Asian Sub regional Programme to Combat Trafficking in Children for Exploitative Employment (TICSA) was launched in Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka in February 2000.

  3. NEPAL: Child Labour in the Nepalese Carpet Sector: A Rapid Assessment (2002)

    16 June 2002

    An assessment to explore the relationship between child labour and the Nepalese carpet industries.

  4. Creating a healing environment - Volume II: Technical Papers

    14 June 2002

    Papers presented at the ILO-IPEC South Asian Technical Seminar on Psycho-Social Rehabilitation and Occupational Integration of Child Survivors of Trafficking and Other Worst Forms of Child Labour, 11-14 June 2002, Kathmandu, Nepal

  5. NEPAL: Specialized Training Manual on Psychosocial Counselling for Trafficked Youth (2002)

    01 April 2002

    A training manual on psychosocial counselling for trafficked youth developed by the Center for Victims and Torture (CVICT) in Kathmandu. This manual was offered to social workers and counsellors who help the children in rehabilitation centres in South Asia as part of the Trafficking in Children South Asia Project (TICSA) project of the ILO’s International Programme on the elimination of Child Labour (IPEC).

  6. Skilled labour migration from developing countries: Study on India

    08 March 2002


  1. Elimination of Child Labour in the Soccer Ball Industry in Sialkot, Pakistan

    31 October 1999

    The project started in October 1997 and its 1st phase came to an end in October 1999. This is an evaluation report of Phase I of the project.

  2. Sri Lanka: Child activity survey: Sri Lanka (1999)

    18 October 1999

    A report on child labour activity in Sri Lanka in 1999 based on the Household Based Survey Module on Child Labour.


  1. Update Sialkot - Issue 3

    26 May 1998

  2. Update Sialkot - Issue 2

    26 January 1998


  1. Combating child labour - IPEC in Pakistan

    16 December 1997

    This brochure reflects upon IPEC Pakistan's past, present and future efforts towards elimination of child labour in Pakistan.