Preventing and Responding to Sexual Harassment at Work: Guide to the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013

These guidelines have been prepared according to the act to facilitate implementation of the act among governments at central, state and district levels, and employers’, workers’ and women’s organizations.

This guidebook has been designed as a comprehensive tool for preventing and responding to sexual harassment in workplaces. Following the introduction in chapter one, chapter two presents international and national legislative frameworks related to sexual harassment. Chapter three explains the key definitions related to sexual harassment. Chapter four presents key measures for preventing sexual harassment. Chapter five provides guidance for responding to sexual harassment complaints. It describes employer liability and statutory mandates and obligations with respect to setting up complaints committees, receiving complaints and the procedures to be addressed in the investigation of complaints. This chapter also discusses issues and norms related to confidentiality, arbitration, adjudication, and reporting obligations. Chapter six explains the key roles of the different stakeholders in preventing and responding to sexual harassment at the workplace through proactive zero tolerance policies and awareness activities at all levels. The annexes include a question and answer sheet on sexual harassment, a sample complaints committee investigation report, and several judgments issued in respect of the Vishaka guidelines regarding sexual harassment at the workplace for immediate use and reference.