Skill Development Initiative-Modular Employable Skills Scheme: Feedback from the field

This report has been developed by the ILO for the Directorate General of Employment and Training, MoLE with a view to strengthen the implementation of the SDI-MES scheme. The report includes key issues and recommendations made at an SDI-MES experience sharing workshop held at Bhopal on 24 May 2013.

The Government of India has recognized Skill Development as a major priority for India’s socio economic development, for sustaining its growth rate and the best means to convert India’s demographics into an asset for development. It is also believed to help India respond to the global needs of skilled manpower and contribute to the reduction in inequality and poverty.

The Government of India launched the Skills Development Initiative (SDI) scheme in 2008, with the aim to train 1 million persons on demand-driven vocational skills over the next 5 years and 1 million each year after that to support skills training, certification and upgradation in the unorganized sector. Under this initiative, the MOLE/DGET undertook the development and implementation of a strategic training framework known as Modular Employable Skills (MES) to cater to school drop outs and existing workers, especially focused on the informal economy.

MES was developed in close consultation with industry and micro enterprises in the unorganised sector, state governments, experts and academia. It offers flexibility in the provision of vocational training to those who have limited education and cannot afford to be away from employment for long periods of time. It also provides testing and certification of existing skills of a person as the SDI scheme provides a mechanism of third party assessment of trainees under the MES framework through DGET empanelled Assessment Bodies leading to NCVT certification that has national recognition in India.

The SDI-MES scheme also has the objective of building capacity in the area of development of competency standards, course curricula, learning material and assessment standards in the country.