A note on ILO modelled estimates and country rankings or comparisons

Information on how the estimates are to be used

News | New Delhi, India | 30 March 2023
The ILO has received queries from different users in India regarding the ILO modelled estimates published on ILOSTAT. As a result of these queries, it has become apparent that on some occasions the ILO modelled estimates have been used in a manner that contravenes recommendations published on ILOSTAT alongside the data. The ILO modelled estimates include both nationally reported observations (harmonized to align to international standards) and imputed data for those countries and years with missing data. The imputation is carried out even for countries with regular labour market information if nationally reported observations are not available on ILOSTAT at the time of production of the estimates. Additionally, the ILO produces a forecast for every country included in the data series, which relies on imputation. The ILO cautions users that imputed observations have a high degree of uncertainty and should not be considered as observed data. Hence, great care needs to be applied when using these data for analysis, especially at the country level. In particular, ILOSTAT metadata explicitly advises not to use imputed observations to rank or compare countries. For more information on the modelled estimates, please see: https://ilostat.ilo.org/resources/concepts-and-definitions/ilo-modelled-estimates/.