ILO in India

The ILO India journey: From the Centenary Declaration and beyond

Watch the ILO’s journey of over 100 years in India and the vision for where it’s headed.

Date issued: 29 July 2022 | Size/duration: 00:02:41

The International Labour Organization is one of the oldest UN organizations promoting social justice and decent work by engaging with governments, employers’ and workers’ organizations around the world. India, as a founding member, has been an important partner in this phenomenal journey of over 100 years by making a positive contribution to the lives of over 400 million working people. Through the Decent Work Country Programme priorities and outcomes, and joint UN work, the ILO endeavours to strengthen the national development processes, working with constituents and governments at central and state levels. The ILO is committed to protecting the rights of workers, promoting social justice and advancing decent work for all.