Occupational safety and health

Home as workplace: Health and safety for informal economy workers in global supply chains

The video was developed as a part of ILO/Japan Multi-bilateral Programme - 'Towards Fair and Sustainable Global Supply Chains: Promoting Decent Work for Invisible Workers in South Asia' and captures the efforts made towards making working conditions at home safer.

Date issued: 04 September 2019 | Size/duration: 00:10:54

Work from larger factories in Global Supply Chains (GSCs) reach smaller formal and informal enterprises. Due to competitive markets and demand for speedy delivery, often highly flexible production and work patterns are adopted resulting in informal work arrangements, piece-rate production, and home-based work. Home becomes the workplace for such homebased workers or workers who work in such homebased and micro-units. Ensuring health and safety for such home based workers and their family members is a fundamental challenge. ILO’s Work Improvement for Safe Homes is an important methodology to promote the health and safety of workers using low costs solutions and improvements.