'Till everyone can see" – Hindi version

Launch of the Hindi adaptation of the song, 'Till everyone can see", on the occasion of the World Day against Child Labour (WDACL) 2019. The theme of WDACL is "Children shouldn't work in fields but on dreams". The song video was launched during the Joint ILO-MOLE-VVGNLI event to observe the WDACL on 12 June 2019.

Date issued: 12 June 2019 |

In 2019, the International Labour Organization is celebrating 100 years of advancing social justice and promoting decent work. As per the Global estimates on Child Labour, 2017, 152 million children are still in child labour. In addition, 2019 marks 20 years since the adoption of the ILO’s Worst Forms of Child Labour Convention, 1999 (No. 182).This year the World Day Against Child Labour looked back on progress achieved over a 100 years of ILO support to countries on tackling child labour and the progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goal Target 8.7 set by the international community calling for an end to child labour in all its forms by 2025.

In India, ILO, in collaboration with the MOLE and VVGNLI organized an event on 12 June 2019 to observe the World Day against Child Labour. The theme for the 2019 World Day is, “Children shouldn’t work in fields but on dreams!”. The event was marked by a technical consultation on ‘Evolving Strategies to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goal, Target 8.7 and Elimination of Child Labour in India’.

A song video in Hindi, an adaptation of the song ‘till everyone can see..’, was launched during the inaugural of the event.The event was attended by representatives from the Government of India, Workers’ and Employers’ Organization, Civil Society Organization and Academia.