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VIDEO: “It is difficult to ignore women anymore as a vital part of the workforce”

Thirty six year old Durga Nandini talks about the need for gender-sensitive workplaces. A small-town resident, from a very early age, Durga moved different cities in search of better job prospects. She talks about her experiences as a working mother, equal parenting and more. A video excerpt.

Date issued: 24 March 2018 | Size/duration: 3'10"

Durga Nandini heads communication of a well-known online petition platform. Her job helps her empower people to raise their voice on social justice issues. At thirty-five, Nandini decided to adopt a child but was uncertain about how things at her workplace will turn out. She started to bring her daughter, Maya, to work. To her surprise her workplace extended all the support when it came to childcare. But this,she says, is uncommon. Most workplaces, even today, are not sensitive towards working mothers. It is for this reason that many women simply cut short their careers.

Watch this video where Nandini stresses upon equal parenting, retaining women in the workforce, and why workplaces must step up to recognize the work of women and provide them with a supportive ecosystem.

Listen to Durga Nandini’s full interview here on this podcast.