Uzbekistan: Trade unionists learn to organize and protect the rights of informal workers

The Trade Union of Information Technology and Mass Communications Workers of Uzbekistan held a training seminar for trade union activists on the topic: “Involvement in trade unions and promotion of the rights of informal workers”, which was attended by 40 trade union activists and students of 4-5 courses of subordinate educational institutions.

News | 20 May 2023
In his opening speech, Asror Ishankhodzhaev, Chairman of the Republican Council of the Trade Union of Information Technology and Mass Communications Workers, noted: “The purpose of the training is to prepare activists of the sectoral trade union to work with informally employed workers and reduce the share of informal employment in the industry. Based on the results of the training, it is important at the national and local levels to strengthen legal and social support not only for its members, but also for informally employed workers in the industry who need to protect their civil and labour rights.”

As part of the training, emphasis was placed on the theoretical and practical preparation of activists for the upcoming events and the functions assigned to them to involve informal workers in the trade union. Particular attention was paid to ways to motivate workers, as well as the role of the social protection system in reducing the share of informal employment.

From June to December 2023, as part of the announced contest "The Best Trade Union Activist - 2023", trained employees will conduct information and other events in order to attract informal workers to the union. In December 2023, the nomination and awarding of prizes will take place.

Within the framework of the session “The experience of other countries in the field of protecting the rights and representing the interests of informal workers”, Ulanbek Cholponbaev, chairman of the trade union of taxi drivers of Kyrgyzstan, shared his experience in creating a trade union of taxi drivers.

Nodirbek Akhmedjonov, a student at a subordinate university, is very pleased with the results of the training: “It was interesting to find out what a trade union is, what are its goals in terms of protecting the rights of workers. During the training, we learned the necessary skills to organize informal economy workers in the union. These workers are one of the vulnerable categories that are exposed to risks in the workplace.”

Divided into groups, the participants discussed specific situations that may arise during the interaction of activists with informal workers. To consolidate the acquired skills, one of the groups was able to put into practice the skills of involving in the union, turning to the workers on the streets of the city. Then the group members shared their impressions and experiences with other participants in the training.

In 2022, the ILO project "Transition from informal to formal employment" held a series of training workshops for sectoral trade unions. As a result of the training, unions developed and approved strategies and action plans to attract and provide innovative services to informal workers. The seminar in Tashkent is one of such events planned by the Trade Union of Information Technology and Mass Communications Workers and carried out with the technical support of the ILO project.