Trade unions of Uzbekistan go to social networks

Trade unions in Uzbekistan intend to raise public awareness of their activities and the benefits of joining trade unions. To this end, communication specialists from six sectoral trade unions in Uzbekistan were trained to improve their skills and knowledge in the field of social networks.

News | 16 December 2022
Specialists in such industries as transport, railway, information and communication technologies, culture and sports, agro-industrial complex and entrepreneurship received knowledge and tools for effective social networking and establishing contact with the audience. The training was prepared with the assistance of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and its Bureau for Workers' Activities (ACTRAV).

Today there are 5.5 million citizens of Uzbekistan in trade unions. Every day the trade unions of Uzbekistan help hundreds and thousands of workers to defend their rights and resolve disputes with employers. So, in 2022, thanks to the assistance of trade unions, the social and labour rights of 16,505 people were restored, and more than11 billion 794 million soums (or more than 1 million 52 thousand US dollars) were recovered in favour of workers. With active trade unions’ presence in the social media, this and many other important facts will be widely reported and disseminated among the population.

Today there is a huge potential for the use of social networks by trade unions. By connecting with workers, youth and employers through social media, unions will have an additional opportunity to connect with their audience, attract new members to unions and disseminate useful information about ways to collectively and individually achieve decent working conditions, improved labour protection and social protection.

Mamadou Kaba Souare, Head of Communications and Publications, ILO Bureau for Workers' Activities (ACTRAV), shared a presentation on "Communication and its impact" based on the ACTRAV Guide. He, in particular, gave examples from Brazil and African countries, where trade unions have carried out successful communication campaigns.

“Trade unions protect the rights of workers. Every year we help hundreds and thousands of people who are faced with unfair treatment, violation of their rights in the workplace. We would like to talk about this and explain to the population that every worker has such an opportunity,” said Shohista Chariyeva, representative of the branch trade union of transport and construction workers.

According to some reports, the number of users of the Telegram messenger in Uzbekistan is 18 million people. Telegram is recognized as the most popular social network in the country. In second place is Instagram, which is most popular among young people. In third place is Facebook. Sectoral trade unions will develop their Telegram and Facebook accounts.

The training was organized within the framework of the ILO project "Transition from informal to formal employment".