ILO Presents a Flagship Training Manual for Public Employment Services

The ILO Decent Work Technical Support Team and Country Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia is pleased to announce the launch of its flagship publication “Public Employment Services and the Future of Work. Training Manual for the CIS Regional Network for Youth Employment Promotion”.

News | 16 April 2021
This Manual is a reaction to a deep labour market and employment crisis that has hit all countries during the COVID-19 pandemic. It also reflects a profound need to protect those who have suffered most from the negative impact of the crisis, protection that might be guaranteed in a systemic, streamlined, and consolidated manner by a robust, skilled, and duly mandated public institution, namely public employment service (PES). The Manual builds on a perception that a public employment service is a cornerstone institution to provide tailored support and cushion effects of unemployment spells in times of economic downturns, and targeted matching services to job seekers and enterprises during economic upswings.

Echoing the ILO Centenary Declaration for the Future of Work, PES is setting, being in the very nexus of the solution, human-centred approach as a handling rule for its operations, both today and in the future. A well-functioning PES of tomorrow should be equipped to deal with and handle emerging labour market and employment challenges that are being further amplified and complicated by the global crisis caused by the pandemic.

The Manual gives food for thought, as well as a set of well-grounded recommendations, to a broad audience of policymakers and practitioners, institutions and general public.

The Manual will help strengthen one’s understanding of PES role in the changing world of work and the human-centred pathways PES should assume to effectively support people to fulfil their potential in line with the future of work agenda. From the Manual one can learn how to strengthen partnerships, create inclusive labour markets and build sustainable and mutually beneficial linkages between jobseekers and employers to create the conditions for sustainable and decent employment. The Manual is also critical for acquiring practical skills in designing coordinated services as well as result-based management in the provision of employment services to the population.

The publication “Public Employment Services and the Future of Work. Training Manual for the CIS Regional Network for Youth Employment Promotion” is available in English and Russian.