One Team, One Dream

On 4-6 July 2017, all ILO staff from our subregion, including colleagues working on projects, met for a retreat outside Moscow. The purpose of the retreat was more than important as it was the team-building. The slogan ‘One team, one dream’ had been chosen accordingly.

Press release | 07 July 2017

The retreat programme included an open space session "Working for the ILO: what does this mean for you?" followed by a discussion of its results and findings from an online survey on the topic, as well as teamwork. During an open-air photo-cross, the participants solved photo-riddles, moving from one solution to another. The ILO Centenary Game was held in small groups.

An evening talent show demonstrated the colleagues' amazingly diverse creative and artistic abilities. The teamwork, lively discussions and informal interactions helped make the DWT/CO Moscow team even more friendly and efficient work - focused.