National OSH Concept for Azerbaijan – Seminar in Baku

ILO and Azerbaijan held 1-2 July in Baku a seminar on a national Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) concept for the country. The seminar is the first of its kind in the countries covered by the ILO Subregional Office, based on the national OSH profile prepared by the country and aiming at jointly defining a national concept for a future national OSH programme.

News | 03 July 2003
Deputy Minister I. Ragimov and Mr A. Mamedov from the Employers' Confederation opened the seminar, both noting the importance of safe working conditions. Mr Mamedov suggested further practical cooperation in establishing management systems in advising on practical improvement of working environment in a few selected enterprises. 30 participants attended the seminar from the Ministries of Labour, Health, Environment, trade unions and employers.

Mr Wiking Husberg, OSH Specialist from the Subregional ILO Office in Moscow, presented the ILO concept of national OSH system, social partnership and OSH management system and the seminar heard reports from four inspection services, trade unions and employers.

An active discussion and debate preceded the draft recommendations of the seminar. The seminar can be seen as first step towards a new concept on OSH, incorporating social partnership and a management system at enterprises and a more advisory approach of the inspectorates, especially towards the SMEs.

In connection with the mission, participation of the Chief Labour Inspector and Deputy Head of the Labour Policy Department in the Labour Inspection seminar in Bulgaria, plans for a study tour to the Moscow and St Petersburg OSH centres and support to set up an OSH centre in the Labour Inspectorate was discussed. Furthermore, the Ministry requested practical information and training in Child Labour issues, especially for the Labour Inspectorate.