ILO’s recommendations still not implemented in Belarus

News | 15 December 2008
ILO’s recommendations have still not been implemented in Belarus, according to the report of the Committee on Freedom of Association adopted at the annual session of the ILO Governing Body in Geneva from November 6 to November 21.

While noting some positive steps taken by the Government, the Committee regrets that the current situation in Belarus still remains far from ensuring full respect for freedom of association and that several recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry have still not been implemented, the report said.

The Committee therefore once again calls upon the Government to continue its cooperation with the Office, as well as social dialogue with all partners, including the trade unions outside of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus (FPB), to implement all the recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry.

The Committee regrets that no measures have been taken by the Belarussian Government to amend the Law on Mass Activities.

The Committee further expressed its concerns at the allegations of repeated refusals of authorization requested by the complainant trade unions to hold pickets and meetings. It urges the Government to take the necessary measures immediately to amend the Law on Mass Activities so as to bring it into line with the right of employers’ and workers’ organizations to organize their activities. The Committee recalls that protests are protected by the principles of freedom of association and that permission to hold public meetings and demonstrations, which is an important trade union right, should not be arbitrarily refused.