Regional Seminar on OSH and HIV/AIDS in Buhara, Uzbekistan

On 14-15 November ILO Subregional Office and Uzbek specialists executed a regional seminar on OSH and HIV/AIDS in Buhara as the concluding activity of a modular training development project.

News | 14 November 2003
Fifty participants attended the seminar from the regional labour inspections, sanitary inspection, training and education institutions, trade unions and employers. The ILO Office Director gave the opening speech and ILO/Mow specialists elaborated on OSH and HIV/AIDS issues. The Uzbek OSH centre, Uzbek trade unions and employers, Tajik and regional representatives presented reports. A question-answer session was held with the ILO Moscow OSH specialist.

The regional participants showed considerable interest to the ILO approach to OSH and HIV/AIDS. The seminar was the high light of a national project developing and adapting OSH and HIV/AIDS modular training to the Uzbek situation, promoting also social partnership and a new training approach.

Representatives from the Labour Inspection and Trade Unions from Tajikistan took part, as agreed in the technical cooperation between Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.