1. ILO team for Eastern Europe and Central Asia: plans for the next biennium defined (subregional programming meeting, 22-24 February 2023, Tashkent, Uzbekistan)

    24 February 2023

  2. Advancing decent work for social justice – a high-level event in Tashkent (21 February 2023)

    21 February 2023

  3. Uzbekistan Public Work Programme’s major reforms proved effective in responding to COVID-19 job crisis

    09 June 2022

    The Uzbekistan Public Work Programme (PWP) was one of the most effective responses to the job-crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Additional funding, improved strategic management, new areas for public-private employment intensive investments, along with enhanced coordination between employment and social protection policies allowed to double PWP annual coverage. It also guaranteed higher wages and more sustainable and productive employment opportunities. The ILO supported the reform of the Public Works Fund of Uzbekistan through an institutional assessment aimed to develop tailor-made capacity-building strategies and strategic directions for improving services for young men and women.

  4. Uzbekistan: Social Protection for All

    25 February 2022

    Only half of the Uzbekistan’s population has access to at least one social protection scheme. The National Strategy for Social Protection sets out to increase the coverage and ensure adequacy of social protection for all. The video tells stories of ordinary people and how social protection is helping in various difficulties throughout lives and advocates for the extension.

  5. ILO Director-General’s message for World Day of Social Justice 2022

    18 February 2022

    On the occasion of World Day of Social Justice 2022, ILO Director-General, Guy Ryder, says international community has a rare chance that must not be missed to shape a recovery from COVID-19 that delivers social justice for people and protects the planet we all depend on.

  6. Breaking Stereotypes

    10 January 2022

    Rural women in Kyrgyzstan are successfully developing their own businesses at home instead of migrating abroad.

  7. Impact of COVID-19 on Employment and Labour Market in the Kyrgyz Republic: Results of the Rapid Assessment

    23 April 2021

    The impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic is being felt by societies and economies across the globe, including Kyrgyzstan. This video summarises the results of the rapid assessment of COVID-19 employment and labour market impacts in Kyrgyzstan to appraise the current and expected effects of this social, economic and employment crisis, and propose policy responses for efficient recovery.

  8. Watch Sobir Aminov, ILO NC in Tajikistan, and his band at the global show during #OneILO connect event

    15 April 2021

  9. Russia 24 TV: Power formula. ILO Director-General Guy Ryder

    15 February 2021

  10. COVID-19 Pandemic: How to combat disinformation?

    08 December 2020

    The COVID-19 pandemic creates an opportunity for some people to cause confusion, chaos and public harm through disinformation. How trade unions can contribute to the combat against this?