Public Expenditure and Institutional Review of the Social Protection Sector in Tajikistan

In the context of challenging and constrained macro-fiscal environment, efforts of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan to steadily increase public resource allocations for the social protection sector and provide social protection and social insurance services have been impressive. However, challenges in the social protection sector remain. Based on the comprehensive analysis of the social protection sector in Tajikistan, this section presents a summary of key observations (i.e. challenges), followed by policy and institutional recommendations.

Report prepared by Mr Shuhrat Mirzoev, with inputs and information provided from central government institutions, such as the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population (MoHSPP), the Ministry of Labour, Migration and Employment of the Population (MoLMEP), the Ministry of Finance, the State Agency for Social Protection of the Population (SASPP), the Agency for Social Insurance and Pensions (ASIP), international stakeholders and ILO.