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  1. Smokey mountain project and lessons learned

    16 November 1992

    Ten years ago the ILO chance to pilot a project for child scavengers Smokey Mountain was a huge dumpsite located near the pier for domestic at Tondo, Manila used for all the garbage trash of Metro Manila.

  2. Homeworkers of Southeast Asia: The struggle for social protection in the Philippines

    25 September 1992

    The data and knowledge gap on the homeworkers situation is ordinary. The obvious imperative was to collect and compile all available and accessible information as much as possible. As the essays show, homework-related literature is scarce and concepts unclear. Methodologies are underdeveloped and welfare actions for homeworkers were non-existent.

  3. Child workers engaged in scavenging in Metro Manila: Project report

    30 June 1992

    The general concerns of protection, regulation, prohibition and rehabilitation of child labour, especially in hazardous occupations, should be a priority in both the national and local development plans of the Philippine administration.


  1. Informal sector: Labour laws and industrial relations

    30 April 1990

    For the purpose of this paper, the following definition of the informal sector is adopted: "The informal sector consists of small-scale, self-employed activities, with or without hired workers, typically operating with a low level of organization and technology with the primary objective of generating employment and incomes.