Credit unions as channels of micro-credit lines

Credit unions as channels of micro-credit lines: The Philippine case

The report presents the findings of a sample survey of 105 credit unions affiliated to two-nationwide federations. The survey focused on the effects of external funding on the growth of credit unions, their resource base and diversity especially savings mobilization from members, profitability and loan delinquency.

One type of financial institution that has been increasingly used as credit conduit of these special credit programmes is the credit union system. Credit unions mobilize savings from and lend funds to their members. However, their resources may not be sufficient to satisfy the growing credit demands f their members. Credit unions confronted with this problem try to solve it by asking their members to line up for credit and by rationing credit. This could involve opportunity costs to those who wanted to have a certain amount of credit at a particular time. Access to additional external sources of funds could relax this resource constraint.