Trade on employment in the Philippines

Strengthening the Impact of Trade on Employment in the Philippines (STRENGTHEN)

The project aims to strengthen the employment dimension in policies and programmes related to international trade with better analysis, more coherent policy-making, and enhanced programmes that are designed to encourage employment creation and upgrading. This project will support the Philippines in harnessing international trade, providing more opportunities for decent work within the country and raising the number of workers who are productively employed.

The Philippines is one of the six countries where the project “Strengthening the Impact of Trade on Employment” (STRENGTHEN) will be implemented. This project is being conducted by the International Labour Organization (ILO) with financial support from the European Union (EU) and in close collaboration with the relevant government agencies, social partners and concerned stakeholders. 
The STRENGTHEN (Trade and Employment) Project is an EU-supported ILO global project that aims to support emerging economies like the Philippines to improve and strengthen the coherence and convergence of its sector, trade and employment policies and programmes for better decent work and positive employment outcomes. The project seeks to help the Philippines harness international trade to its advantage through various capacity-building activities and programmes and social dialogue mechanisms that would involve and benefit relevant government agencies, social partners and other key stakeholders and voices.

The project has four specific objectives, as follows:
  • To generate and improve knowledge on the impact of international trade on productive and decent employment.
  • To build the capacities of the government, social partners, development practitioners, researchers and other relevant stakeholders to identify, measure and assess the impact of international trade on employment.
  • To establish a platform for representatives of relevant ministries and social partners to engage in policy discussion and formulation in relation to international trade and employment and to recommend more effective, coherent and inclusive policies.
  • To enhance employment opportunities arising from trade policies through technical support for the development of skills and value chains in the export sector.

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