Safe return to work

Online training on safe return to work in Timanan

The ILO-Japan Water and Sanitation Project conducted an online training on safe return to work during COVID-19 and a review of activities to complete the construction of a water system in a school in Timanan.

The ILO and the Government of Japan’s Water and Sanitation (WatSan) Project conducted an online training on safe return to work for its workers in Timanan South Upi. This is in partnership with the local government and the Timanan Central Elementary School (TCES) Parent Teacher Association.

Training session on safe return to work.
The online training highlighted the importance of protecting workers in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. The first session discussed lessons learned and challenges encountered during advance or initial payment and provided recommendations, including no contact options. The discussion further observed the need to implement within the period but taking into account occupational safety and health, including improvements on responsibilities, knowledge, communication and mastery of the project.

The local government of Timanan hosted the online training with the ILO.
The next session focused on COVID-19 work protocols such as keeping a safe physical distance, hand washing, and other personal hygiene measures. This included protocols while traveling to and from the work site, during site entry, operation and leaving the site.

The third session featured planning and organizing for resumption of work and completion of the construction work. The TCES Parent Teacher Association reviewed the budget and additional purchase of personal protective equipment and social protection coverage. The association also looked at the planned pipe trenching, tank rehabilitation and existing reservoir rehabilitation. The association further considered the continuation of pipe trenching, concrete works, and plumbing fixture for elevated tank, school and community plumbing, and tap stand.

Workers of the water system construction join the online training.

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