Fair recruitment

Filipino Migrant Worker's Day

As part of the ILO Integrated Programme on Fair Recruitment (FAIR) research agenda, the ILO Country Office for the Philippines (ILO-CO Manila) commissioned a research report that seeks to understand challenges and opportunities that will contribute to the promotion of fair recruitment practices across a specific migration corridor between the Philippines and Hong Kong.

The long-term goal of the FAIR project is the reduction in deceptive and coercive practices during the recruitment process and in violations of fundamental principles and rights at work, as well as other human and labour rights, through safe migration options, and effective regulation of public and private employment agencies. The research study, to be launched on 9 June 2017 in celebration of the Filipino Migrant Worker’s Day, contributes to the goals of the FAIR project by providing evidence on the culture and practice of fair recruitment in the Philippines.

Because making the public relate to the normative discourse on fair and ethical remains to be a challenge, the FAIR project will also engage with the team and cast behind the movie Sunday Beauty Queen, a film documentary on the plight of the Filipino domestic worker in Hong Kong. The film documents the working conditions of Filipino domestic workers in Hong Kong.

This activity will thus bring an opportunity to ILO's constituents to learn from international standards while making sure that project interventions are grounded based on evidence and reality in both origin and destination countries.