Occupational Safety and Health Training for Trade Unions and Social Partners Working in the Socialized Housing Sector of the Philippines

A five-day occupational safety and health (OSH) training will be delivered to broaden the knowledge of trade union representatives and social partners working in the Socialized Housing sector. Participants will learn about tools and methods to implement OSH at designated construction sites.

At the completion of the course, participants will have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills on OSH to mitigate hazards and risks at their respective construction sites.

Specifically, the course will be designed to:

1. Facilitate the exchange of good and bad practices with regard to OSH on targeted construction sites.
2. Identify contributing and hindering factors for the implementation of OSH.
3. Provide additional knowledge required for the delivery of OSH services in the Socialized Housing sector.
4. Support the acquisition of skills and competencies to perform safety audits, assessments, and analysis of social and environmental hazards and risks associated with construction.
5. Formulate action plans to contribute to existing construction safety and health programmes.