Philippine Employment Projections (PEP) Follow-up Workshop/Seminar

The Philippine Employment Project Model (PEPM) is a model of basic to intermediate complexity at this stage. It is developed using the STATA software, and based on the Inforum-ILO Trends approach. An initial ILO workshop, held last November 2010, fulfilled its objectives by increasing the participants’ knowledge and understanding of employment projection models, familiarising them with the STATA code for the Philippines model, and providing them with the capacity to modify the model’s assumptions in order to produce alternate scenarios and simulations. As a follow-up of the initial workshop, the Institute for Labor Studies collaborated with IDEA and made use of the PEPM to make employment projections, which can be used for the Philippine Development Plan. Further, the ILO CO-Manila office made use of the model to make vulnerable employment projections by sex, age and by economic sector.

Objectives of the PEP Follow-Up Workshop/Seminar:

- To conduct a training on simulations for exports, remittances, employment generated from establishments by size (MSMEs, SMEs, etc.) and themes/priority sectors indicated in the Philippine Development Plan (2011-2016);

- To explore other areas where the PEPM can be useful (i.e., employment impact of trade agreements, green jobs estimates); and

- To introduce other ILO staff, social partners and other stakeholders to the employment projections work, and share the most recent version/results of the model, toward obtaining or enhancing stakeholder support and contribution.