ILO in Bolivia promotes greener and more sustainable businesses through new SCORE for Climate Action module

SCORE Trainers in Bolivia received training on new topics and virtual tools to support small businesses adopt processes and practices that are sustainable, green and inclusive

Noticia | 18 de enero de 2023
La Paz – A world of work rooted in a just transition to carbon and natural resource efficient economy is crucial for businesses and jobs to thrive. The ILO SCORE Programme in Bolivia, in collaboration with the Confederation of Private Enterprises of Bolivia (CEPB), piloted the first ever Training of Trainers (ToT) on the new SCORE Training module SCORE for Climate Action (SCORE4Climate).

The ToT was conducted virtually by SCORE expert trainer Gabriela Pinaya and was attended by 9 trainers from 3 departments of Bolivia, namely, Cochabamba, La Paz and Santa Cruz. The training included 2 workshop sessions that focused on resource efficiency and cleaner production, as well as different ways of incorporating circular economy approaches into business practices. SCORE Trainers were able to learn about topics and tools critical for a just transition to environmental sustainability and will soon apply these learnings to implement the SCORE4Climate module in Bolivian SMEs.

As per the latest ILO report on Greening Enterprises: Transforming processes and workplaces, a growing scarcity of resources and increasing frequency of natural disasters are important factors driving the greening of businesses. With the ToT, the CEPB will not only expand its scope to include new SCORE topics and open pathways to business sustainability in Bolivia, but it will also promote access to a wide range of business development services for SMEs.

Currently, SMEs in Bolivia have the capacity to adopt environmental protection actions and practices for green workplaces. To take advantage of this, Phase IV of the SCORE Programme in Bolivia seeks to strengthen sustainable transportation, efficient resource consumption, waste management, work organization and clean food at work over the next 11 months.

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