Training workshop on Occupational Safety and Health Inspection for Technical Labour Inspectors of Sindh province

The training aimed at building the capacity of technical Labour Inspectors of Sindh province

The following topics were covered:
  • Sustainable Development and the Decent Work Agenda
  • Fundamental principles and rights at work (FPRW)
  • Principles and fundamentals of OSH
  • OSH risk assessment
  • OSH risk prevention and control
  • The proposed OSH law in Sindh
Strengthening Labour Inspection System in Pakistan (SLISP) project organized a one-day training session on OSH inspection for building the capacity of technical Labour Inspectors of Sindh province. The training was delivered by Ingrid Christensen [Director, CO Islamabad, who, by specialization is a technical expert too on OSH] assisted by SLISP team comprising Zishan Ahmad [NPC] and Faisal Iqbal [PO]. Mr Ali Ashraf Naqvi [Joint Director, Department of Labour Sindh] delivered a detailed presentation on upcoming OSH law in Sindh. The training excited much of participants’ engagement by means of interactive presentations and group exercises.

Speaking to the inaugural session the Secretary Labour and Human Resource Development Sindh Mr Saeed Ahmed Awan, paid immense gratitude to ILO on making such much sought after capacity building opportunities accessible to the front runners [read Labour Inspectors] of the department. Mr Awan emphasising the importance of OSH informed the gathering that very soon a comprehensive law on OSH would be promulgated in the province of Sindh. Mr Awan accrued great homage to Ingrid Christensen for taking time out from being in such an administratively engaging position [i.e. Director of CO Islamabad] and prioritising the OSH training within her busy schedule. Mr Awan also hoped that the opportunity of having Ingrid Christensen to deliver the subject training should means a lot for Labour Inspectors for having the chance to directly access a valuable resource pool accumulated by decades long first-hand experience of OSH earned internationally. The Secretary Labour Sindh also emphasized the need of further institutional collaboration [between ILO and DoL Sindh] in order to intensify and upscale OSH capacity building program.

Ms Ingrid Christensen, CD, ILO CO Islamabad and lead trainer of the training in her key note address acknowledged the efforts made by DoL Sindh in this very important area of OSH, particularly, after the catastrophic incident of Baldia Factory Fire. She very warmly welcomed the news of a standalone pioneering law on OSH in Sindh and hoped that other provinces shall soon be following their footsteps. On this point Ms Ingrid also highlighted the importance of collection and use of OSH data and referred the quotations of Director General ILO as “Accurate data will help to save lives”. Ms Christensen, concluded her address by reassuring DoL Sindh that ILO CO Islamabad wishes a further stronger and deeper collaboration with the DoL Sindh in order to help achieve jointly set targets under the Decent Work Country Program 2015-20.