Training of Labour Inspectors of Sindh Province on Effective Labour Inspection

This three days training intends to build the technical capacity of the Labour Inspectors of Sindh province.

The following topics were covered:
  • Functions and characteristics of labour inspection/Obligations according to Convention 81
  • Policies and strategies of labour inspection/ Project-based inspections/ Ethics of labour inspectors
  • Fundamental principles and rights at work (FPRW) and Working conditions
  • Planning, conducting and Follow-up inspection visits
  • Tools of labour inspection
  • Soft skills for labour inspectors
  • Cooperation with the social partners and other stakeholders
A comprehensive “Participants’ handbook” has also been developed to help the participants germinate their learning outcomes through various methodologies. Further to the group discussions and interactive presentations, the handbook offers several practical exercises on technical topics as well as a snapshot of respective provincial laws.