Green jobs in Pakistan

Solar home trainee installs a solar panel © ILO

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For ILO, the notion of green jobs summarizes the transformation of economies, enterprises, workplaces and labour markets into a sustainable, low carbon economy providing decent work. Green jobs reduce the environmental impact of enterprises and economic sectors, ultimately to levels which are sustainable. They contribute to reducing the need for energy and raw materials, to avoiding greenhouse gas emission, to minimizing waste and pollution, and to restoring ecosystem services like clean water, flood protection and biodiversity.

In Pakistan, the ILO has initiated some groundbreaking activities to promote the concept and activities for green jobs in most-demanding sectors. The major initiatives launched include the development of:
  • A short as well as medium term strategy to introduce and promote the concept of green jobs in three sectors including construction, tourism and energy; and
  • Promotional and training material on green jobs for all stakeholders including the ILO constituents, other line ministries, civil society and academia.

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