Child labour: Viet Nam

Prevent and reduce child labour in Viet Nam

The Project’s overall development objective is to build a comprehensive and efficient multi-stakeholder response for the prevention and reduction of child labour in Viet Nam. Placing capacity building for sustainable solutions at the heart of its interventions, the Project will deliver interventions under three mutually reinforcing components to achieve the following immediate objectives:
  1. Capacity building component: By the end of the project, the capacity of national institutions and stakeholders to identify, monitor and respond to child labour, as part of the promotion of international labour standards, will have been strengthened;
  2. Awareness-raising component: By the end of the project, awareness of child labour, the associated hazards and prohibitions against it will have been raised among all levels of society;
  3. Direct interventions component: By the end of the project, intervention models for preventing and withdrawing child labour in selected geographical areas and sectors will have been implemented and documented and ready for replication.