Resources on hazardous child labour


  1. Meeting document

    Summary report of the workshop on good practices to protect children and youth from hazardous work: "Creating safe futures"

    01 June 2011

    The workshop, titled Creating Safe Futures, brought together specialists in occupational safety and health, youth employment, and child labor from around the world to learn from each other and to share strategies for working with children, youth, families, communities, employers, unions, governments, and donors to prevent young children from being drawn into hazardous work and to protect older children and youth of legal working age from working under dangerous conditions.

  2. Meeting document

    Children in hazardous work Webinar - Presentation

    27 May 2011

  3. Meeting document

    Good practice that protects children and youth from hazardous work, Uganda

    01 May 2011

    Every child can become an agent of social change if provided with appropriate encouragement,appreciation, knowledge, and tools. This initiative can therefore be used in various awareness raising and child participation activities worldwide..

  4. Brochure

    Migration and child labour - Essentials

    01 May 2011

    This hand-out defines child migration and how it relates to child labour. It describes the plight of child migrants, shortcomings in current protection mechanisms and ways forward in terms of effective responses in the world of work

  5. Publication

    ILO-IPEC steps to eliminate the worst forms of child labour in Kosovo

    01 April 2011

  6. Publication

    Assessing psychosocial hazards and impact of child labour

    01 March 2011

    This is a summary of all currently available evidence on both psychosocial hazards and psychosocial impact of child labour. Based on this synthesis, it presents a list of key indicators that can be used in this area and can be incorporated in different monitoring and research instruments.