Resources on hazardous child labour


  1. Brochure

    Eliminating child labour in Indonesia: 20 years of support

    01 June 2013

    This short publication intends to highlight on the longterm partnership that the ILO has established with its constituents and key stakeholders by revisiting some of the milestones achieved, lessons learnt, and challenges ahead.

  2. Publication

    The effect of work on children's health - Report of research on ten occupational sectors in Pakistan

    08 April 2013

    This report presents the results of research studies to assess health and safety hazards and risks faced by children in ten sectors of economy in two districts of Pakistan namely Sahiwal in Punjab and Sukkur in Sindh province.


  1. Meeting document

    Validation of translated List of Hazardous Child Labour (from English to Chichewa)

    01 September 2012

  2. Good practices

    Emerging good practices from the integrated area based approach in Uganda - Summary Sheets

    01 September 2012

  3. Good Practices

    Emerging good practices from the integrated area based approach in Uganda

    01 September 2012

    The aim of this publication is to document good practices that emerged from the implementation of the project in order to provide information to different stakeholders at national, district and community level that would guide programming for enhancing interventions for elimination of child labour, replicate and take the good practices to scale. A total of 15 good practices were identified at the macro, meso and micro levels.

  4. Publication

    The tripartite process of determining hazardous child labour - Guide for facilitators

    30 August 2012

    This Guide is designed for the Government unit tasked with organizing and facilitating the Tripartite Consultations that will result in either a new or a revised list of hazardous child labour for the country.