Resources on hazardous child labour


  1. Publication

    Skills training strategies to combat worst forms child labour in the urban informal economy in Ghana

    01 September 2003

    The study summarizes the actually available quantitative and qualitative information on the Ghanaian informal economy, introduced by a brief presentation of the structural changes undergone by the informal economy in recent years, linked to the emergence of new informalization processes, and corresponding developments of the informal economy concept itself. It is on the basis of this description of the Ghanaian informal economy that available information on child labour is presented, first on ch

  2. Instructional material

    Combating child labour in hazardous work in Salt Production, Rubber Plantation and Fishing sectors in Cambodia

    01 August 2003

    This publication is meant to assist employers, workers including parent and working children, child labour monitors and inspectors in the respective sectors in bringing about improvements in safety and health practices.

  3. Publication

    Skills training strategies to combat worst forms of child labour in the urban informal sector in Kenya

    01 August 2003

    The purpose of this study is to prepare the information and knowledge base for developing sub-regional projects that will develop and implement strategies to combat the worst forms of child labour in the urban informal sector through cost effective methods of skill training with special emphasis on traditional apprenticeship schemes.

  4. Publication

    Executive Summary. Analysis for improved regulation and compliance with national and international norms on child and adolescent labour in Ecuador, with special emphasis on the most extreme forms

    01 January 2003

    The analysis includes current primary norms (the Constitution, international conventions and laws) and secondary norms (regulations, executive decrees, ministerial agreements and relevant municipal ordinances). Recommendations for improving this juridical framework are made at the end.

  5. Publication

    An In-Depth Analysis of Child Labour and Poverty in Honduras

    01 January 2003

    The present document describes the country¿ s political, economic and soc ial context; analyses general labour market conditions and the context within which children's work takes place; a summary of the general situation of children's work in the country; the relationship between children's work and poverty and other conditioning factors; conclusions and recommendations.


  1. Publication

    Creating a healing environment: Psychosocial rehabilitation and occupational integration of child survivors of trafficking and other worst forms of child labour (South Asia), vol. 2

    01 December 2002