Resources on child domestic work


  1. Project Brief: Combating Child Labour in Central Asia - Commitment becomes Action PROACT CAR Phase III

    01 February 2012


  1. SCREAM: Mobilizing public action

    01 May 2010

    The SCREAM methodology aimed at raising awareness among teachers and students about child labour in Paraguay has proven to be very successful and has also managed to grab the public's attention on the issue.


  1. Safe work for youth - Youth packet - STAY SAFE! - Housekeeper

    01 December 2008


  1. Investing in the family. A study on preventive factors and the vulnerability of child domestic labour in other people's home in rural and urban families: Colombia, Paraguay and Peru - Summary

    01 January 2007

    Summary of the results of investigation

  2. Guidelines on the design of direct action strategies to combat child domestic labour

    01 January 2007

    Knowledge base guidance catalogue to help project planners to select and devise strategies and actions to combat child domestic labour at the action programme level.

  3. Hazardous child domestic work: A briefing sheet

    01 January 2007

  4. Child domestic labour (CDL) information resources: a guide to IPEC child domestic labour publications and other materials

    01 January 2007


  1. Reaching behind closed doors: a survey of legal and policy responses to child domestic labour in South Asia together with recommendations for reform

    01 May 2006

    Report analysing how relevant ILO Conventions and other international standards, such as the Convention on the Rights of the Child, are reflected, or not as it were, in national legislation and policies in South Asia in order to eliminate child domestic labour. It looks at adult domestic labour regulations and it includes specific recommendations for policy and legal reforms regulating this sector and for the protection of child domestic workers

  2. Time-Bound Programme Baseline Survey, Integrative Report, Manila Philippines.

    01 March 2006

  3. The communication strategy for Child domestic labour

    01 March 2006

    It targets practitioners and xommunication experts in charge of designing a communication strategy on child domestic labour. It defines the aims and objectives of a communication campaign, identifies various target groups and the specific behavioural change objectives to be set for each of them as well as the suggested strategies and channels to promote such change.