Resources on commercial sexual exploitation of children


  1. Girl child labour in agriculture, domestic work and sexual exploitation: Rapid assessments on the cases of the Philippines, Ghana and Ecuador

    01 December 2004

    Comparative analysis of the findings in Philippines, Ghana and Ecuador. A large sample of children was interviewed in Ghana and in the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) of the Philippines.

  2. Costa Rica - Commercial sexual exploitation of minors: A rapid assessment, executive summary (IWFCL, no 33)

    01 April 2004

  3. Special Report on the Sale of Children, Child Prostitution and Child Pornography

    01 January 2004

    Information about programs and policies created specifically with a view to preventing entry of children into prostitution and pornography. These might include addressing contributing factors, such as domestic violence, dysfunctional families, gender discrimination, harmful traditional practices, etc.

  4. Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Masculinity: A qualitative regional study of males from the general population. Summary of results

    01 January 2004

    This study has been undertaken within the framework of the project ent it led 'Prevention and Eliminat ion of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in Central America, Panama and the Dominican Republic', as a tool to guide strategies aimed at preventing this social problem, and especially as a means to carry out effect ive awareness- raising campaigns.

  5. Girl child labour in agriculture, domestic work and sexual exploitation: The cases of Ghana, Ecuador and the Philippines. A comparative analysis

    01 January 2004

    Series of comparative analysis focusing on girl child labour in agriculture, domestic work and sexual exploitation.


  1. Commercial sexual exploitation in Central America, Panama and Dominican Republic. Synthesis Report.

    01 October 2003

    The document presented here is the result of the analysis of studies coordinated by ILO/IPEC with national institutions and researchers for the purpose of understanding the ituation of commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala,Panama, and Dominican Republic. The completion of all of these studies has been possible thanks to the funding of the United States Department of Labor.


  1. Specialized training manual on psychosocial counseling for trafficked youth: Handling the trauma of sexual exploitation (South Asia)

    01 December 2002

    This manual is offered to social workers and counsellors who help the children in rehabilitation centres in South Asia. It has been field tested and introduced by way of a four months’ intensive training programme in Kathmandu in the fall of 2001. This is a field publication. For more information please refer to:

  2. Trafficking and sexual abuse among street children in Kathmandu

    01 December 2002

    The main aim of the study was to examine the element of trafficking and also the extent and nature of sexual abuse among street children. The study utilizes both qualitative and quantitative data collection methods.

  3. Internal trafficking among children and youth engaged in prostitution in Nepal

    01 December 2002

    The present study attempts to identify the causes and elements of trafficking among children and youth engaged in prostitution in the Kathmandu Valley.

  4. Sri Lanka - Commercial sexual exploitation of children: A rapid assessment (IWFCL, no 18)

    01 December 2002