Resources on child labour in agriculture


  1. Training manual guide

    Paper No. 1 - A synthesis report of five rapid assessments

    01 December 2007

    Paper No. 1 of four papers synthesizing the knowledge and experiences acquired from the ILO-IPEC project "West African Cocoa and Commercial Agriculture Project to Combat Hazardous and Exploitive Child Labour" (WACAP), which was implemented in Cameroon, Côte d¿Ivoire, Ghana, Guinea and Nigeria from 2002 to 2006. This report describes the findings of five country-level rapid assessments on the situation of child labourers in agriculture in cocoa growing and other crops.

  2. Training guide

    Comprehensive training guide on prevention and elimination of child labour to DCLC, VCLCs, teachers/educators and councillors in Urambo, Tanzania

    01 August 2007

    A Urambo Tobacco Sector Project Training Guide. These workshop materials are designed to be used with adult, college, or other public audiences. Materials were piloted on 21st August 2007 in workshop in Ukondamoyo, Urambo primarily with groups of primary school teachers, but also with ward education coordinators, ward executive officers and several mixed public audiences.

  3. Publication

    WDACL 2007: Information sheets

    01 June 2007

    Information sheets providing more background information on different topics related to child labour in agriculture.

  4. Publication

    WDACL 2007: Teacher's Kit

    01 June 2007

    This brochure developed jointly by ILO-IPEC and Education International (EI), offers background information, case studies and activities on child labour in agriculture, for use by teachers in work with students and within teachers¿ unions.

  5. Instructional material

    WDACL 2007: Examples of activities for young people

    01 June 2007

    The two activities included in this document "Imagine their lives" and "Can chocolate be sweeter?" were developed for the World Day Against Child Labour 2007 using the SCREAM - Supporting Children's Rights through Education, the Arts and the Media - methodology.

  6. Publication

    WDACL 2007: Postcard

    01 June 2007

    WDACL 2007 Postcard.

  7. Publication

    WDACL 2007: Brochure

    01 June 2007

    Inter-organization brochure (ILO, FAO, IFAD, IFPRI/CGIAR, IFAP and IUF) with the key partnership messages on child labour in agriculture for World Day and beyond.

  8. Publication

    Agricultural policies and the Elimination of Child Labour in Kenya

    01 June 2007

    This assessment is a contribution to the commemoration of the World Day Against Child Labour (WDACL), i.e. June 12th, for the year 2007. The report analyses key issues, gaps and opportunities regarding the extent to which Kenya¿s agricultural policies and laws address elimination of child labour especially its worst forms. Recommendations are made on how to fill the identified gaps as a way of accelerating the fight against child labour in agriculture.

  9. Publication

    WDACL 2007 Information sheet: Cooperatives and elimination of child labour in agriculture

    01 June 2007

  10. Publication

    WDACL 2007 Information sheet: The role of Employers’ organizations and their members in combating child labour in agriculture

    01 June 2007