Resources on child labour in agriculture


  1. Publication

    Tackling child labour in the cocoa sector in West Africa: The ILO's contribution

    01 August 2010

  2. Good practice

    Good Practices on Child labour monitoring system (Tanzania)

    01 May 2010

    As a result of a well-established child labour monitoring system in Tanzania, numerous children involved in child labour in tobacco farms have been identified and removed from their work.

  3. Good practice

    Eliminating child labour in the jermal fishing industry (Indonesia)

    01 May 2010

    As a result of awareness-rising and child labour monitoring, the number of children in hazardous work in the fishing industry in Indonesia has decreased dramatically.

  4. Good practice

    El Salvador: Elimination of the worst forms of child labour in sugarcane sector: A different world is possible

    01 May 2010

    In the process of eliminating child labour in El Salvador, the creation of an enabling environment and the development of direct interventions are essential.

  5. Meeting document

    FAO Workshop on Child Labour in fisheries and aquaculture in cooperation with ILO

    01 May 2010

    The Workshop of the FAO on CL in fisheries & aquaculture, organized in cooperation with the ILO was held in Rome on 14-16 April 2010. There were 35 participants including invited experts and staff of ILO and FAO. This was the 1st workshop to specifically address CL issues in fisheries & aquaculture. It generated inputs & guidance on the contents & process of developing guidance materials on policy and practice in tackling CL in fisheries and aquaculture.


  1. Training resource pack

    Book 1: Trainer's guide

    01 December 2009

  2. Training resource pack

    Book 2: Training course activities for cooperatives

    01 December 2009

  3. Publication

    Assessment of occupational and employment conditions of children working in livestock sector of Mongolia - Final Report

    01 November 2009

  4. Instructional material

    Training resource pack for agricultural cooperatives on the elimination of hazardous child labour (Set of 2 books)

    09 July 2009

    The goal of this resource kit is to raise awareness, help cooperative trainers to plan and run activities, and improve occupational safety and health conditions and promote the implementation of ILO Worst Forms of Child Labour Convention, 1999 (No. 182).

  5. Publication

    Marginalisation and child labour

    01 July 2009

    This paper has been prepared as background document for the 2010 Education for All Global Monitoring Report, which will have a particular focus on marginalisation. The purpose of the paper is to show the way in which child labour and marginalisation are related, and why child labour should present a key area of attention for education policy makers and planners.