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Publications and resources

Key publications

  1. World Report on Child Labour 2017

    Ending child labour by 2025: A review of policies and programmes

    First edition (2017)
    Second edition (2018)

    The international community has declared that the persistence of child labour in today’s world is unacceptable and, in the Sustainable Development Goals, has renewed its commitment to eliminating all forms of child labour by 2025. This report aims to contribute to that endeavour by offering an analysis of trends and an evidence-based discussion of policy solutions.

  2. 2015 World Report on Child Labour

    World Report on Child Labour 2015

    Paving the way to decent work for young people

    The second volume of the ILO World Report on Child Labour series highlights the close linkages between child labour and good youth employment outcomes, and the consequent need for common policy approaches to addressing challenges arising in countries where both child labour and youth unemployment prevail.

Research and statistics

  1. Global Estimates of Child Labour 2017

    Results and trends, 2012-2016

    The Global Estimates of Child Labour 2017 present the scale, prevalence, and key characteristics of child labour in the world today.

  2. Methodology of the Global estimates of child labour, 2012-2016

    This report explains the methodology used to arrive at the Global Estimates of Child Labour 2017 and provides a detailed analysis of results and trends.

  3. More resources at the CHILD LABOUR STATISTICS Section

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