Publications on child labour


  1. Children at work: Health and safety risks

    01 January 1997

    This publication provides information on hazardous occupations so that priorities can be set by the legislators, policy-makers and authorities at national, municipal and community levels, including traditional leaders. The main feature of this publication is to propose a strategy from a health perspective to address the problem of child labour. It identifies a possible model which may be of interest to a broad audience.


  1. Child labour: Targeting the intolerable - Global Report on Child Labour 1996

    15 October 1996

    ILC 86th Session 1998 - Report VI (1) - Global Report on Child Labour Drawing on the experience of the ILO, including its International Programme for the Elimination of Child Labour, this report surveys international and national law and practice and points the way towards effective action through new international standards. Includes a list of ratifications by country of relevant ILO Conventions on minimum age and forced labour (as at 15 August 1996).

  2. Implementation Report 1994-1997: ILO-IPEC highlights of 1996-97 and guidelines for future action

    14 October 1996

    Reports on activities of the International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC) from 1994 to 1997. Includes an overview of the ILO-IPEC stragegy on action against the commercial sexual exploitation of children.