Publications on child labour


  1. Child labour in Kosovo: An enquiry into the causes and impact of child labour

    01 February 2023

    This report provides a descriptive overview of the prevalence, determinants and effects of child labour based on descriptive and regression analysis of Kosovo’s 2019-2020 Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS).


  1. The CLEAR Cotton project at a glance

    28 November 2022

    Eliminating child labour and forced labour in the cotton, textile and garment value chains: an integrated approach

  2. IPEC+ Global Flagship Programme Implementation

    28 November 2022

  3. Child Labour Platform Brochure

    25 November 2022

  4. Global Research Agenda: Building the evidence base for informed policy action against child labour, forced labour, and human trafficking

    04 November 2022

  5. Methodology of the 2020 ILO-UNICEF Global Estimates of Child Labour

    17 October 2022

    The report presents the methodological protocols used for the development of the 2020 ILO-UNICEF Global Estimates of Child Labour.

  6. Model questionnaire for child labour stand-alone surveys

    22 September 2022

  7. A study of deficits in the fundamental principles and rights at work in the brick kiln supply chain

    14 September 2022

    This study analyses supply chain processes in Pakistan’s brick kiln sector in order to identify deficits related to fundamental principles and rights at work (FPRW), with a focus on child labour and bonded labour. It was commissioned by the ILO Country Office for Pakistan as part of its implemented project on “Promotion of Decent Work Opportunities for the Economic Empowerment of Vulnerable Segments of Society”, funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

  8. Ethical and quality reporting on child labour: A training manual for media professionals in Pakistan

    31 August 2022

    The training manual has jointly been adapted by Group Development Pakistan and ILO Country Office for Pakistan for building the capacity of media professionals in ethical, evidence-based and quality reporting on child labour in Pakistan.

  9. A Practical Guide for Journalists - TIP SHEET

    10 August 2022

    Fighting Child Labour and Promoting Children's Rights in Fiji's Media This publication includes: 1. Tips on writing stories about children 2. Tips on conducting interviews with children