Vulnerability Assessment Framework - Population study 2019

This 2019 study, for the first time, provide insights into the prevalence of child labour as a result of a collaboration between UNHCR and ILO Research Teams.

The 2019 Vulnerability Assessment Framework (VAF) population study explores different types of vulnerability dimensions across multiple sectors from a representative sample of registered Syrian refugees in Jordan. The report details predefined VAF indicators and then provides an in-depth descriptive analysis for each sector. The concluding section suggests links these results to make a series of recommendations on how to improve the identification of vulnerability within the Syrian refugee population in Jordan.

For the first time, the 2019 study includes a section describing the conditions of child labour. The metrics used are aligned with the ILO standards established in Jordan. It emerges that approximately five per cent of children aged 5 to 17 are classified as working children. Nearly 95 per cent of children who work are engaged in child labour, and 77 per cent of working children are exposed to hazardous labour. These findings indicate that the prevalence of working children within the refugee population is higher than in the host community. A 2016 national survey of child labour estimated that approximately two (1.8) per cent of children in Jordan are working.

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