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Tackling child labour and protecting young workers in domestic work - A resource manual

Global March and ILO-IPEC launch a Resource Manual on child domestic work

The resource manual is intended to support all those wishing to take action against child labour in domestic work and to protect young domestic workers of legal working age. It is designed, in particular, to strengthen the capacity of trade unions and workers' groups, community-based organisations and NGOs to advocate for an end to exploitation and abuse of children in domestic work, and to provide good practice guidance on the best ways of directly assisting these children.

The manual has been prepared as part of the Global March Against Child Labour's advocacy campaign for the elimination of child labour in domestic work and the protection of child domestic workers of legal working age.

In addition to providing practical guidance to those planning advocacy and direct assistance with child domestic workers, the manual also offers suggestions to groups on how they can promote change on some of the wider socio-economic issues affecting them.

Comic strip dialogues found throughout the text are designed to debunk common myths about child domestic work and provide a starting point for discussions amongst stakeholders, or can be used to stimulate debate amongst participants during capacity building sessions.