The effect of work on children's health - Report of research on ten occupational sectors in Pakistan

This report presents the results of research studies to assess health and safety hazards and risks faced by children in ten sectors of economy in two districts of Pakistan namely Sahiwal in Punjab and Sukkur in Sindh province.

These studies were conducted by the Centre for the Improvement of Working Conditions and Environment (CIWCE) for IPEC under the framework of the Phase II of IPEC's Project "Combating Abusive Child Labour Project (CACL-II)".

The findings of these studies provide details of specific risks faced by children in diverse occupations like agriculture, stone-crushing, workshops, restaurants and livestock farming. These findings will help lay foundation for launching actions by the stakeholders to address hazardous forms of child labour. These studies will also provide the facts and data for launching awareness campaigns for the communities for recognizing and addressing hazardous forms of child labour.