World Day 2020: News and events


  1. A universal commitment to end child labour

    07 August 2020

    The universal ratification of Convention No. 182 on the Worst Forms of Child Labour by all 187 ILO member States reflects a global commitment to protect children all around the world. With COVID-19 threatening to reverse 20 years of progress, implementation of the Convention is needed more than ever.

  2. Combating increased exploitation of children during the COVID-19 pandemic

    03 August 2020

    In conjunction with the commemoration of the National Children’s Day, relevant stakeholders, with support from the ILO, discussed intensified efforts to stop the exploitation of children in the country.

  3. Parents send their children to child labour to overcome the economic crisis of COVID-19

    25 June 2020

    In light of the increased number of children in child labour in agriculture as a result of COVID-19 pandemic, eliminating child labour requires coordinated action more than before. The ILO in consultation with the Egyptian Government and social partners continue to support eliminating child labour in cotton supply chain.

  4. ILO, UNICEF urge Malaysia to tackle child labour issue

    25 June 2020

    In commemoration of the World Day against Child Labour, ILO, UNICEF and the Malaysian stakeholders discussed the impacts of COVID-19 on child labour and the means to address them.

  5. COVID-19: Protect children from child labour, now more than ever!

    This online event will highlight the key impacts of COVID-19 to child labour globally and in Malaysia and provide the Malaysian government with recommendations to address the child labour issues.

  6. “I just want to go to school”: New Myanmar photo exhibitions offer powerful insights into the lives of children trapped in child labour

    18 June 2020

    A six-year-old who begs at a Pagoda to buy medicine for her sick mother, so desperate to return to school that she often still wears her old school uniform. A fisherman who has worked on Or Khom lake since he was five years old. A girl who burns plastic for 1.20 US dollars a day on a rubbish tip, dreaming of becoming a dress maker and giving her younger brother a better life.

  7. Indonesia strengthen its efforts to combat child labour as an impact of the pandemic

    16 June 2020

    To commemorate the World Day Against Child Labour (WDACL), relevant national stakeholders examined ways to tackle the threat of COVID-19 to the increased child labour.

  8. The fight of child labour in Timor-Leste starts from the families

    15 June 2020

    In conjunction with the commemoration of the World Day Against Child Labour (WDACL), the government of Timor-Leste called for the important role of the families in combating child labour, particularly during the pandemic.

  9. Joint message from the ILO and UNICEF to mark the World Day Against Child Labour

    12 June 2020

    The 2020 World Day Against Child Labour focuses on the impact of COVID-19 on Child Labour, while looking forward to the International Year on the Elimination of Child Labour, 2021. On the occasion of the World Day, a joint ILO-UNICEF paper entitled “COVID-19 and child labour: A time of crisis, a time to act” has been released. The paper looks at some of the main ways through which the pandemic is likely to affect progress towards the eradication of child labour.

  10. © Issouf Sanogo / AFP 2022

    COVID-19 may push millions more children into child labour – ILO and UNICEF

    12 June 2020

    Child labour down by 94 million since 2000, a gain now under threat.