Exhibition "The ILO's fight against child labour: Dreaming of Freedom"

The "ILO's fight against child labour: Dreaming of Freedom" is the title of a new exhibition that was launched at the ILO Headquarters in Geneva in view of the 2013 World Day Against Child Labour.

As IPEC marks its 20th birthday, the exhibition looks back at the key milestones in the history of the ILO and IPEC in the fight against child labour. The exhibition also showcases the various strategies and responses that have been adopted by ILO constituents and partners, with the support of IPEC, to work towards the elimination of child labour.

The effective abolition of child labour is one of the fundamental principles on which the ILO was founded in 1919, and it has remained a key objective ever since. While much has been achieved by the ILO, its constituents and partners and the worldwide movement, 215 million children are still in child labour. Experience has shown that, despite the complexity of the problem and challenging global and local environments, a world without child labour can be achieved with the right priorities and mix of policies and with a unity of effort from all actors: governments - including local authorities - workers’ and employers’ organizations, international organizations, enterprises and civil society.

Together we can create a world without child labour!

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