View children’s drawings on child labour and find out how to use art for advocacy

The collection of children’s drawings that you will find in the book and exhibition below are the messages from hundreds children around the world who were asked to express their understanding and feelings about child labour. Collected by GenevaWorld Association in collaboration with the ILO, the drawings are not only an amazing collective expression of phenomenal artistic talent, but are an incredibly touching and accurate portrayal of the sad reality of child labour in countries around the world. Many of the authors have themselves been victims of child labour.

This artwork demonstrates the important role that children can play in raising awareness of child labour, of speaking out against these injustices and contributing to decision-making processes. Through these drawings, the children are calling on decision-makers to eliminate child labour and to work to give all children an education.

Get involved and submit your drawing on child labour! Send a photo of your drawing, with a caption including your first name, age and the country where you are from to and we will showcase it on our website.