Resources on social dialogue and child labour


  1. ILO-IPEC Interregional Workshop on child domestic labour and trade unions: Report, Geneva, 1 to 3 February, 2006

    01 February 2006

    The objective of the workshop was to examine the role of workers' organizations in the elimination and prevention of child domestic labour, to identify specific strategies which workers¿ organizations would be particularly well-equipped to undertake and to contribute to the elaboration of an ILO-IPEC manual for trade unions on child domestic labour.


  1. Teachers, their unions and the Education For All campaign

    01 March 2004

    Realization of Education for All (EFA) objectives depends on multiple factors, but the degree of teachers' engagement and sense of ownership of a national plan is one of the least understood and applied, despite its capital importance for successes and failures. While teachers are on the front lines of the EFA struggle, responsible for providing education...


  1. The impact of HIV/AIDS on child labour in sub-Saharan Africa: ILO/IPEC tripartite workshop report

    01 May 2003

    ILO/IPEC tripartite workshop hold in Lusaka, Zambia, 6 to 8 May, 2003.


  1. Coming together: From confrontation to collaboration, a tale of trade unions joining hands against child labour

    01 December 2002

    The International Labour Office (ILO), New Delhi, and the Andhra Pradesh Federation of Trade Unions for the Elimination of Child Labour (APFTUCL) have pleasure in presenting this booklet, Coming together: From Confrontation to Collaboration - A Tale of Trade UnionsJoining Hands Against Child Labour, describing the joint initiatives of six trade unions in combating child labour in the State of Andhra Pradesh, India.